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Specialist Clinic

Open Hours: 

Monday - Sunday: 9:30AM - 6PM

*Appointment Only*

Our Specialists offer expert care on an extensive variety of concerns and treatments. We will arrange a suitable specialist for you based on your symptoms.


The Specialist Clinic provides the public with high standards of care and comprehensive services for challenging cases at a reasonable cost. Our specialists are all specially trained in their areas of expertise to cater to specific patient needs.


* The UEWM Specialist Clinic is by Appointment Only * 






Meet our Specialists and learn more:


UEWM Specialist Clinic Schedule


Liezhen Wang


Professor, L.Ac., MD (China)

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Orthopedic Disease Specialist   骨傷科專家

  • General Diseases 全科

  • Gynecology Disease 婦科

  • Internal Medicine Disease 内科


Cheng-Chin Hwang



Areas of Expertise: 

  • Dysautonomia 自律神經失調

  • Neurological Disease 神經疾病

  • Ophthalmology 中醫眼科

  • Pain Syndromes 痛症管理


​Shanshan Lee

Clinic Supervisor, L.Ac., DAOM

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Internal Medicine Disease 内科

  • Herbal prescriptions 中药

  • Gynecology & Obstetrics 婦科 & 儿科

Guohua Xia.jpg

Guohua Xia​


Areas of Expertise: 

  • "Jin Three Needles" therapy “靳三针”疗法

  • Depression syndrome 郁证

  • Early diabetes 早期糖尿病

  • Irregular menstruation in women, menopausal syndrome 妇女月经不调,更年期综合症

  • Shingles, hives, acne 带状疱疹,荨麻疹,痤疮

  • Internal and pediatric miscellaneous diseases 内儿科杂症


Xingyi Zhang 


Vice Chairman of the World Union Manual Medicine

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Qigong Tai Chi 氣功太極

  • Massage 痛症推拿

  • Spleen and stomach medicine 脾胃內科

  • High blood pressure high cholesterol high blood sugar and cardiovascular problems 三高心血管問題

Balwant Kaur.png

Balwant Kaur


Areas of Expertise: 

  • Internal Medicine

  • Chronic and Acute Pain Management 

  • Obstetrics  and Gynecology

  • Weight Management 


Yingqiu Wang


Clinic Business Director, L.Ac., MD (China)

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Herguan Medicine Specialist 核关醫學專家

  • Difficult Diseases 疑難雜症

  • Orthopedic Disease 骨傷科


Mei Ying Hu


Areas of Expertise: 

  • Weight Control 減重管理

  • Ophthalmology 眼科

  • Pain Syndromes 痛症管理

  • Internal Medicine Disease 内科

  • Teenager Growth Consultation 青少年成長調理

  • Acu-Facial (Specialist) 針灸美容 (專家門診)


Robert Rong-Ming Lyu​吕榮銘

L.Ac , Ph.D. of Pharmacology

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Internal Medicine Diseases 內科

  • Allergy & Skin Conditions 过敏、皮肤科

  • Gastroenterology 胃肠科

  • Immunological diseases 免疫疾病

  • Pain Syndromes 痛症管理

  • Andrology Specialist 男科


Haisheng Zhang  張海生

Professor, L.Ac, PhD(China), Postdoctoral Instructor

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Insomnia and Sleepness失眠

  • Infertility and Gynecology Disease不孕不育、婦科疾病

  • Disorder of Immune system免疫系統疾病

  • Depression and Anxiety抑鬱與焦慮症

  • General Miscellaneous Diseases疑難雜症

Zhaojie He (1).jpg

Zhaojie He 


Areas of Expertise: 

  • "Jin Three Needles" therapy “靳三针”疗法

  • Gynecological Conditions 婦科病証

  • Infertility 不孕

  • Palpitations, Insomnia, Depression Syndrome 心悸,失眠,郁证

  • Skin Conditions 带状疱疹,痒疹,痤疮

  • Internal and pediatric diseases 内儿科杂症

Screen Shot 2022-04-12 at 1.45.45 PM.png

Jinxing Du 都金星

L.Ac, Ph.D. (China)

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Pain Management 疼痛管理

  • Digestive diseases 消化系統疾病

  • Respiratory diseases 呼吸疾病

  • Metabolic Syndrome 代謝綜合症

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology: Menopausal Syndrome, Irregular menstruation, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. 婦產科:更年期綜合症、月經不調、多囊卵巢綜合症。

  We accept Private Insurance (PPO plans):

  •   Anthem Blue Cross
  •   United Health Care

  •   Aetna

  •   Cigna

  •   Blue Shield (deposit required)

  •   Flexible spending account (FSA)

  •   Health savings account (HSA) 

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