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Teaching Clinic

Open Hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
9AM - 6PM


1PM - 6PM

Walk-Ins  taken, Appointments Preferred
The health and safety of our patients, students, and employees is our top priority.

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Packages can be purchased at the time of appointment

The UEWM teaching clinic is one of our acupuncture clinics with affordable traditional Chinese medicine services performed by qualified, supervised clinic interns supervised by Faculty Acupuncturists. 

For interns, clinical experience is part of the required training and is completed under the guidance and supervision of licensed health care professionals. Interns are permitted to administer treatment in the clinic only after they have demonstrated adequate proficiencies.  

*Please Note: Services offered through the teaching clinic are performed by highly trained interns, with a licensed faculty supervising. Appointments may also be monitored for observation by two to three interns. 


UEWM Teaching Clinic Schedule


Liezhen Wang


Professor, L.Ac., MD (China)

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Orthopedic Disease Specialist   骨傷科專家

  • General Diseases 全科

  • Gynecology Disease 婦科

  • Internal Medicine Disease 内科


​Shanshan Lee

Clinic Supervisor, L.Ac., DAOM

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Internal Medicine Disease 内科

  • Herbal prescriptions 中药

  • Gynecology & Obstetrics 婦科 & 儿科


Yingqiu Wang


Clinic Business Director, L.Ac., MD (China)

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Herguan Medicine Specialist 核关醫學專家

  • Difficult Diseases 疑難雜症

  • Orthopedic Disease 骨傷科


Winston Chung


Clinic Supervisor, L.Ac.

Areas of Expertise: 

  • General Diseases 全科

  • Post Stroke 中風後遺症

  • Orthopedic Disease 骨傷科

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