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Dr. Hwang Patient Stories: Dizziness After a Car Accident

A Patient had previously been in a minor car accident six weeks ago, leading to only slight knee pain. I asked if they had any neck pain, and they were surprised I asked before answering, "No".

Why did I ask this?

Because car accidents can often cause whiplash and other unpredictable symptoms that show up later.

A symptom that appeared was the reason the patient came to see me: they had symptoms of dizziness everyday in the late afternoon, accompanied by extreme grogginess.

When I saw the patient in the morning, there were no signs of those symptoms. I examined their tongue and pulse, a typical screening for acupuncture treatments. For this unexplained dizziness, acupuncture is the best treatment.

The patient came back a week later, and they were very happy to report that since that afternoon of the first visit, they reported that their symptoms improved by 80% to 90%.

I was very happy with the results and glad to see patients improved by acupuncture.


Seeking Treatment

Dr. Hwang is one of our Specialists in our UEWM Specialist Clinic. He has expertise in many types of cases and symptoms. Schedule an appointment today!

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*Disclaimer: Treatment and individual results vary. Specific results are dependent on many factors and are not guaranteed.

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