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Mid-Autumn Festival Invitation

Dear teachers, students, alumni, and friends from the community,

We are currently witnessing the flourishing development of the University of East-West Medicine's Master's School and Clinical Medicine School, and the formal initiation of our doctoral school. Even more exciting is the upcoming 7th World Integrative Medicine Congress organized by our university and the "World Integrative Medicine Society Federation," founded by our university. This grand event will take place from December 1st to 3rd, 2023, at the University of East-West Medicine in the United States and the Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex in China! It is anticipated that tens of thousands of attendees will gather in Guangzhou for this event. In addition to high-level academic forums, hundreds of extraordinary ethnic and traditional healers will offer free medical consultations. The congress will feature eighteen academic forums with renowned scholars from over a hundred countries, including grandmasters of traditional medicine, academicians from various nations, and distinguished researchers from institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford. Together, they will tackle a wide range of threats to human health on a multidimensional and global scale!

During this event, world-renowned medical experts will participate in high-level forums on integrative medicine, the use of AI, quantum medicine, and more. The forum topics will span from the ninth-dimensional high-dimensional consciousness, knowledge, and spiritual diseases to the sixth-dimensional sub-health conditions. It will delve deep into the third-dimensional disease crisis zones.

To express our gratitude for the enthusiastic participation and support of colleagues, peers, enthusiasts of both Eastern and Western medicine, and patients seeking medical advice from all over the world, we are offering free admission to all global attendees. In addition, University of East-West Medicine will provide continuing education credits for over three hundred international experts, thousands of joint clinics (including all our master's and doctoral graduates), and free 24 credits for licensed Chinese medicine practitioners in the United States.

In this era of remarkable advancements in human nuclear and universal medicine, we also celebrate the 25th Mid-Autumn Festival of our school. This rare occasion of "a bright full moon and a reunion with our alma mater" is a beautiful moment to express our sincere gratitude to our students, teachers, and the dedicated friends from society who have made immense contributions to our school over the past 25 years. Your merits are eternally engraved in the historical annals of University of East-West Medicine's development.

Over the course of 25 seasons and 25 years of reminiscing, we have thought about your health, your challenges in life and entrepreneurship, the strength of your medical skills, the number of patients you see each day, your workload, insurance matters, and whether you need any assistance from the school. These thoughts reflect our deep concern and genuine care. On the occasion of this joyous Mid-Autumn reunion, we extend a special invitation to all master's and doctoral graduates, current students, and fellow alumni to return to your alma mater, to your starting point, and relax. The university has prepared delicious meals and nourishing soups for you. We also want to hear from you about your experiences outside and what kind of support you may need from the university. To ensure that both students and teachers can fully relax, the university has arranged for ping pong, basketball, and in the evening, there will be mooncakes, wine, exquisite cuisine, a variety of exciting prizes, and riddles to solve. There will also be a special session in the university's Nuclear and Universal Garden, where you can practice under the inspiring moonlight, providing you with a true experience of the unity of heaven and man, the natural order, and the harmony between humans and the moon.

The Mid-Autumn Festival celebration will be held on September 27th (Wednesday), and we cordially invite all current students, alumni, and teachers to attend. We also extend a special invitation to friends from various walks of life who are interested in traditional Chinese acupuncture, seeking medical advice, and the community at large to join us for this grand event!

Event Date: 9/27 (Wednesday) 18:00-20:00 pm Event Location: University of East-West Medicine, 2nd Floor, Nuclear and Universal Hall 595 Lawrence Expy Suite 103, Sunnyvale, CA 94085 Please visit our website: Direct phone line: 408-733-1878 ext. 144, 157

University of East-West Medicine warmly welcomes you!

Dr. Wang Yingqiu, President of University of East-West Medicine Together with all members of the University's Board of Trustees, extend their warm invitation.

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