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Product Offerings

Learn more about UEWM Clinic Products

UEWM Clinic is continuously offering new products to help their patients with any ailments they may face.  

Medicine Patch.jpg

Ever-young pain relief patch

Medicine Patches for pain relief from Taiwan. 

Great for any muscle tension or aches.

Highly recommended for Covid-19 Vaccine muscle aches. 

Just apply directly over vaccination site for 30 min for pain relief.

UEWM Specialist Clinic Schedule

  We accept Private Insurance (PPO plans):

  •   Anthem Blue Cross
  •   United Health Care

  •   Aetna

  •   Cigna

  •   Blue Shield (deposit required)

  •   Flexible spending account (FSA)

  •   Health savings account (HSA) 

  •   Medi-Cal for eligible Patients*
    * Worker’s Compensation
    * Personal Injury Insurance
    Please fill in Insurance verification forms.

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