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Dr. Guo Hua Xia

Internal Medicine Specialist / Head of Psychiatric Department

  • Graduated from Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine specialize in Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Graduated from Guangzhou Medical University specialize in Clinical Medicine

  • Received a Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine from University of East-West Medicine.

  • Obtained an acupuncture license in California of the United States

  • Obtained the "National Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner" and "General Practitioner" Qualifications in China.

  • Has over 30 year of successful clinical experience.

Special therapies:

  • Utilize combination of acupuncture, herbs, and meridians / collateral channels therapy to treat depression related conditions, results are satisfied.

  • Inherit the Ling Nan Quick Needle Technique and use the "Jin three-needle" therapy to treat shoulder, neck, waist, leg pain and sequelae of stroke.

  • Utilize Traditional Chinese Medicine method to treat early stage diabetes, various internal diseases, gynecological irregular menstruation, menopausal syndrome, etc.

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