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Dr. Ying Qiu Wang

Core Gate Universe 9th Dimension Medical Qi Gong Master / Chief Specialist in Intractable Conditions

  • He found the University of East-West Medicine at Sunnyvale in 1997

  • Dr. Ying Qiu Wang teach Core Gate Universe 9th Dimension Medical Qigong classes.

  • Specialize in intractable conditions.

  • Based upon 54 years of clinical practice and research, Dr. Wang founded the “Core Gate Universe Medical System”.

  • He published “Discover the Theory of Relativity in the 21st century”, “Human Core Gate Universe Medicine”, “Core Gate Theory”.

  • Core Gate Universe Medicine got appraisal and recommendation by the committee of the International Integrative Medicine Conference on Dec 7th, 8th, 2019, which was held at UEWM and Stanford.

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