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Dr. Hwang Patient Stories: Treatment of Parkinson's Symptoms

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

A patient had come to the clinic after getting diagnosed with Parkinson's disease by a western doctor. They wanted to try acupuncture treatment to help prevent worsening symptoms.

Having done some research on the internet, I also explained how Chinese medicine treats different areas of Parkinson's disease, and what the main treatment methods are. Typically, scalp acupuncture and ear acupuncture are used to treat neurological diseases like Parkinson's disease, since they are good for the conduction of motor nerves.

The patient before treatment had noticeable trembling in their middle and index fingers of their right hand. They also had a wobbly, unstable gait when walking. Prior to treatment they wrote their name on a piece of paper, complaining that it was difficult because of the hand tremors.

The treatment is to put needles on the movement area of ​​the fingers and legs on the scalp, the finger area of ​​the ear, and the area corresponding to the cervical nerve, and then ask her to keep the needle for an hour.

After treatment, I asked the patient to write their name again, and test out their walking. The writing seemed smoother, and walking gait had improved. The patient said that there was a 20% improvement from before and after acupuncture.

When they checked out at the clinic, they were looking forward to the next treatment three days later. We were all grateful for such amazing results!


Seeking Treatment

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